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Charms of Charoen Nakhon: Iconic Attractions and Enriching Experiences in Bangkok's Riverside

Charoen Nakhon Road hosts some of Bangkok’s most remarkable waterfront developments. Running parallel to the iconic Chao Phraya River, the area is one of the oldest in Bangkok, blending ancient traditions with modern influences.

Indulge in exceptional street cuisine, sophisticated riverside dining, vibrant art and coworking centers, chic cafes and dispensaries and luxurious riverside residences! With the recent addition of Bangkok’s Gold Sky Train Line, living in Charoen Nakhon has never been more appealing.

What’s Unique about the Charoen Nakhon neighborhood?

Affordable and vibrant eateries are located all over Charoen Nakhon encompassing various cuisines and bustling local fresh markets! The area is known for its “เจ้าเก่า” or “Old Vendors” that have upheld the legacy of their street food stalls through generations, showcasing cherished traditional recipes! For those seeking a more upscale dining or shopping experience, the luxury ICONSIAM venue presents an abundance of choices.

The Riverside neighborhood also boasts exquisite rooftop bars, providing breathtaking views that make for ideal spots for a sundowner with some friends! For a more relaxed atmosphere, cozy bars offering local and craft beers are also abundant.

Apart from eateries and bars, Charoen Nakhon’s Charm comes from its century-old shophouses, historical temples, shrines and of course- the canals which offer captivating avenues for exploration.Step into the contemporary scene of this vibrant area and make sure to pay a visit to Stone Age Dispensary!

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