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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any restrictions to purchasing Cannabis in Thailand? Yes. To legally purchase cannabis, you must be at least 20 years of age. At Stone Age we require a Passport or Thai ID as proof of age in order to comply with the regulations set forth by the Public Health Department. Pregnant and Breastfeeding women are also not allowed to purchase cannabis.

Can I travel with Cannabis inside Thailand? Yes! Traveling within Thailand with cannabis is permitted including on domestic flights. It is advisable to store cannabis in checked luggage as to not disturb any passengers or by-standers with the strong aroma.

Where can I legally smoke Cannabis? Smoking Cannabis in public spaces is illegal. If caught smoking on the streets or other public areas, police may charge you for causing a public disturbance. Cannabis can be smoked in private spaces such as a hotel balcony or any private smoking area.

Can I have Cannabis delivered to me? Yes! Stone Age offers delivery service to everywhere in Thailand. Add us on LINE for our menu and to place orders.

Can Stone Age roll for me? Yes, free rolling service for everyone! Customers can pick any strain of their choice and our budtender will roll it up for you. We offer joints, blunts, shotgun shells and more!

What Payment methods does Stone Age accept? Stone Age currently accepts Cash (THB), Thai Bank Transfers (QR) and Credit Cards (VISA/MASTERCARD)!

Does Stone Age sell smoking paraphernalia such as rolling papers, bongs, pipes? Yes, please contact a Stone Age team member via LINE to see our selections and prices!

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